Man Thinks Their Twin Sons Were Not His Because They Were Too Ugly, Later Found Out The Real Reason Why

Children are a precious gift from God, regardless if they came into one’s life planned or unplanned, they are still a blessing and parents should be grateful because they were entrusted to love and raise a human being.

But in the case of 32-year-old professional model Gianfranco Rossetti, his twins are not a blessing but a mere monster in his life.

This problem was raised and discussed over the show “Ana Polo Rules” hosted by lawyer Ana Maria Polo who presides in resolving small-claims cases and family dispute.

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Apparently, Rossetti would want to withdraw his paternity support for his twin sons because he thinks the children are too ugly to be his. His wife, 32-year-old Chloe Anderson who shares the same profession as his is also present in the show to defend her right to have child support from Rossetti.

When Ana Polo asked what makes Rossetti decide to file a divorce and renounce his paternity over the children, he said “I feel they are not my children because not like her, I am a model, I am beautiful but the children is very very ugly, not like me… They don’t look like me and do not look like the mother.”

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The couple were married for 18 months and decided to split up when the twins turned 4 months because Rossetti keeps insisting that they are not his child and thinks that his wife might have slept with another man to have such an ugly children.

Rossetti and Anderson’s divorce were granted given that the father will provide a total of $450 child support every month. But now he is refusing to give the said amount because he believes that he is not the biological father of the twins.

He said that he could not fathom how come a beautiful man like him and a beautiful mother produced such a “monster” children, as how he referred them to be.

Ana Polo revealed that prior to inviting the couple to the show she has ordered a DNA paternity test to find out if the children are biologically connected to Rossetti. In many cases, a paternity DNA test has been proven 99% accurate all the time.

When the twins’ photos were flashed on the screen, everyone in the show including Ana Polo thinks that they are adorable. However, it is very evident that the kids’ facial feature does not resemble any of the parents even if Ana Polo insisted that they look like Rossetti a bit.

Rossetti claim that the two looks like Anderson’s photographer friend. He was firm that he does not want to spend $450 child support so he can spend it to having a beautiful face for his job.

When asked for her side in this case, Anderson said “Basically I just want him to continue his responsibility as a father to pay for child support and also be a father figure on his children’s life.”

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But a surprising twist came to light when Anderson revealed something about herself explaining why the children look different. She said, “the thing is they just look like me and prior to meeting you I wasn’t this beautiful thing you see on the outside.”

“You know what, they look just like me, they look just like my old nose, they have the cutest little face, they are identical to me,” Anderson revealed.

The mother of two burst into tears and admitted that she paid for surgeries to achieve the look that she has right now.

It turned out that Anderson had numerous facial enhancements including nose job, cheek and jaw enhancement, cosmetic dentistry, buttocks, fillers, breast lift, and liposuction. All of this is not known to Rossetti before the two got married.

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When Ana Polo asked Anderson to show her photo prior to having a surgery, she confirmed that the twins indeed looked like her and Rossetti commented, “Wow, it’s very monster like the children. You really was the mother.”

But when Ana Polo finally revealed the paternity result, the argument finally made to conclusion because the test find that the twins are 99.9998% Rossetti’s biological children.

Watch their ridiculous exchange of argument below:

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