Dark Dwarf-Like Creature Allegedly Caught Sleeping With Villagers Wife In Africa

During our younger years, we have our own different kinds of demons or beasts all made up by the imagination of our parents in order to scare us if we will not follow their orders. Sounds familiar? Well, for Filipino kids, parents could choose from the range of mythological creatures such as tiyanak, manananggal, kapre, tiktik, and many more.

This kind of scary urban legend creatures are not only limited in the Philippines as other cultures also believe that some unusual creatures causes odd happenings in their town.

In South Africa, the community believes in a dwarf-like creature causing trouble called tokoloshe or tikoloshe. People believes that a tokoloshe has super powers that ranges from scaring children, causing illness or death to prospect victim, and being invisible by drinking water.

Most African community’s nightly deaths were associated with tokoloshe’s attack which led legends to suggest putting a brick underneath one’s bed to avoid being visited by the said creature.

But just recently, this urban legend creature somewhat came to life after there were reported sightings of one of them. The tokoloshe captured on camera has a huge size of manhood, very dark skin, and kinky hair with some sort of horn.

The photos of the tokoloshe immediately went viral online which sparked fear among netizens.

Good thing, such tokoloshe sighting is just a hoax. Yup, the photo that went viral on social media was indeed from Africa, but from the recent Nnewi Cultural Yam Festival in Nigeria. The said feast is a thanksgiving in celebration of good harvest.


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Source: Trending News Portal