Group Of Scientists Bravely Fly A Plane Inside A Hurricane And You’ll Never Believe What It Looks Like

In the Philippines, although we get to experience typhoon for about twenty times in a year there will always be fear and panic whenever a storm is about to enter the country’s area of responsibility.

Heavy rains, flash flood, landslide, and thunders caused by typhoon will always be terrifying especially if the weather forecast tells that your place is the center or the eye of the storm.

Ironically, some experts suggest that the center of the storm is actually the safest place to be during a hurricane. It may sound scary and disastrous, but a group of scientist bravely came face-to-face with this so called “eye.”

A group of curious scientists led by Dr. Frank Marks fly out to discover what is really happening inside the eye of a hurricane, particularly Hurricane Emily.

The entire adventure was captured on a video where the group willingly fly together to see the edge of this force of nature.

In the video uploaded by CuriousVideos YouTube channel, a US Navy Ship carried Dr. Marks and his team to come face-to-face with Hurricane Emily.

Dr. Marks revealed, “I’ve flown through Hurricane’s eye about 30 times but everyone is different. You’ll never know what you’re gonna find.”

During their adventure, Hurricane Emily was about 36-hours away before making a landfall at North America Atlantic Coast. Curious on where the storm was going and how strong it’s force inside is they bravely enter the so called eye of the storm.

Their mission is so fly inside the eye and in order to go there, the plane will have to pass through the eye wall which is the strongest and most violent part of the hurricane. Sounds simple yet very dangerous.

Watch their nerve-wracking yet very fulfilling adventure below:

Beautiful isn’t it? As what Dr. Marks said, “After being tossed around by a 120 mile an hour winds, the moment you break in the eye is just incredible, it’s just so peaceful.”

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Source: Trending News Portal