Watch: Pregnant Woman In Labor Committed Suicide After Being Refused To Have Caesarian Section

Most women who already experienced giving birth will agree that going into active labor is one of the hardest and most painful thing a woman could ever go through . It requires a lot of physical strength, patience, and emotional support from the husband and the family as well.

That is why when this 26-year-old pregnant woman from China was refused to have a C-section after expeiencing the utimate labor pains, she became emotional and unexpectedly took her own life.  Footage of the distressed mother-to-be dealing with labor pains went viral online.

The pregnant mother only identified by her last name Ma was reportedly admitted at Yulin No.1 Hospital in Shanxxi Province in northern China.

Apparently, Ma is in the middle of extreme labor pains and could no onger bear it that is why she requested the hospital staff to immediately perform C-section for her delivery.

According to the hospital’s statement, Ma who was then 41-weeks pregnant is carrying a large baby who could be risky for a normal delivery. The hospital’s records also showed that the staf informed Ma’s family of the requirements needed for a C-section delivery.

Contrary to the hospital’s claim, Ma’s husband said that it was the hospital who refused to give his wife a C-section delivery. Police investigation ruled the Ma’s death was suicide.

Meanwhile, netizens outraged on the fact that pregnant women in China are not allowed to decide on her own delivery.

In the chilling video, it was seen that Ma walked out of the maternity ward twice to inform her family about the pain she could no longer bear. But at 8p.m, she fell from the 5th floor of the hospital’s building and died together with her unborn child.

Watch distressing footage below:

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Source: Elite Readers

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