9 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Start Spreading Salt Inside Your Home

In the Philippines, old folks believe that spreading salt all over your house may prevent ghosts from lurking in your home. But more than being an anti-ghost weapon, salt can be utilized as a cleaning material.

Over the years, some people use this ingredient for disinfecting and maintaining cleanliness of some household items, it is very effective and proven contains less toxic effects.

Salt is readily available in market at a very low price, which means cleanliness could be this cheap instead of buying expensive cleaning materials which contain harmful chemicals that may lead to serious health damage.

Below are some of the many reasons why you should start using salt to clean your home now:

It can avoid spreading of ants
If you want to get rid of those annoying ants forming a line on your window, storage cabinets, or anywhere near your groceries, just sprinkle a pinch of salt in that area and you will never see them there again. Salt also helps lessens the level of humidity and moisture at your home.

It can be used as a natural copper, silver and brass polisher

If you have metal items in your house made from copper, silver, and brass which lose their color once not used, you can easily clean it using salt. Just make a mixture out of salt and apple cider vinegar. Rub it onto these objects until the shine revives. The mixture can also be used to remove dirt and stain.

It has the ability to make your sink drains shiny again

The salt can dissolve the grease accumulated from your sink which may cause blockage or foul odor. To get rid of this, just form a solution by combining salt and hot water and use it in your kitchen or bathroom sink.

It acts as a natural cleaning agent for your house and car windows

To remove unwanted stains from your house and car windows, simply mix a gallon of warm water and 2 tablespoons of salt and use it to clean the stains.

It can make your skin younger

Aside from household cleaning salt can also be used to have youthful skin. Just mix salt with lavender essential oil or olive oil and spread it on your skin. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. This helps your skin have fast and effective exfoliation which will lead to young and healthy looking skin.

It can be used as a treatment for a toothache

Salt can also be an effective cure for mouth sores and toothache, just combine salt and warm water and wait for the salt to dissolve. Wash your mouth using this mixture and you will see an amazing result in a snap.

Teeth whitening and oral health care

Flash your pearl with teeth by mixing salt and baking soda. These two ingredients have the ability to give back the natural shine of your teeth.

Improve the results of washing your clothes

Avoid shrinking of clothes by adding a small amount of salt into the washing machine while washing our clothes. The result will take effect once you dry your clothes in the sun.

Revive the colors of your curtains and rugs

Simply create a salt-based solution, put the curtain or rug on the concentrated salt water and leave it for a few minutes. Rub the clot while soaked in the solution and see a remarkable result in no time. Some people who have tried this technique claim that the salt-based solution can get rid of dirt and stains better compared to commercial detergents.

Source: Read and Digest Ph

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