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Man Who Lost Everything Due To Wife’s Gambling Addiction Now Lives With 2-Year-Old Son At A Jollibee Store

Every one of us has our own struggle when it comes to earning a living, lucky for those who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but for most of us we work hard and face different challenges to earn what we have right now.

But what if you wake up one day and all your hard earned savings, source of income, and house were all gone? And then you have a 2-year-old son that you have to raise, feed, and take care of every single day? Just imagining the struggle, I’m sure most of us would not survive.

This is exactly the ordeal being faced right now by a father named Daniel Amit who’s been living outside a fast food chain area for months now because he lost everything he has due to his wife’s addiction to gambling.

Facebook user Jerrico Punzalan shared the story of this father who he learned was practically living at a Jollibee branch at Cubao for 6 months already.

According to Jerrico, he first saw the father-and-son sleeping outside the food chain one night; he thought that they were just waiting for somebody. But the following night, when he saw them again on the same table that’s the time he wondered why the two are always hanging out at Jollibee with all their stuff.

On the second night, Jerrico bought a meal for him and the father-and-son but secretly asked the crew to serve it to them without telling to whom it was from.

When Jerrico returned in the same food chain on the 3rd night, he was surprised to see the two, so he again bought a meal for them and personally gave it to them so he could at least ask what happened.

He learned that the father’s name was Daniel Amit, he formerly sell barbecue in Cubao but later on lose all his savings and got kicked out from their rented apartment after his wife lose everything they had due to gambling.

After they lost a home, his wife left them. Amit revealed that when he tried to ask help from his parents, they turned him down and reminded him of his choice to marry his wife despite being told not to do so.

Being a Sunday school teacher, Jerrico could not let the father-and-son to suffer longer in their current situation so he and his friends decided to raise a fund and find a decent place for Amit and his son to stay.

Jerrico said he shared the father-and-son’s story in the hopes to reach more help for them before Amit’s baby boy turns 2 this coming September 25, 2017.

Read the full story below:

Source: Definitely Filipino

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