This Old Man Decided To Marry For The Third Time, His Reason Will Surely Blow Your Mind

They say men are naturally polygamous that no matter how committed and devoted he is to his wife and family, he will always find a way to cheat or look for another partner to satisfy his needs.

For Christian country like the Philippines, this set up will surely not work as men and women are thought to marry only one partner. But in our countries and culture, polygamy is widely accepted and practiced up to this day.

Just in case this is the first time you’ve come across the word polygamy, the word means the practice or marrying multiple spouses. Muslims are the ones who are practicing this kind of culture and they do not limit men on the number of women he can marry as long as he is capable to support all of them.

Men who are in a polygamous marriage set up are often stereotyped as perverted men who are not contented with one woman. But in countries like India, men marry multiple wives for a totally different reason, something that you will never expect.

ActionAid India, a non-government organization aiming to end poverty in the said country produced a short film featuring a man who will marry another woman for the third time.

In the clip, it was seen that the husband was explaining to his first two wives that he came up with this decision not for himself but for both of the wives.

When they first and second wife met the third wife who is definitely younger than them, they could not get along with each other, especially for the second wife who is seems so irritated with the new wife.

Later on, the first wife assured the two younger wives that everything will went well soon.

The video upload by Facebook page, Being Woman posted the video with a caption:

“3 Wives, a man is going to marry for the 3rd time and you will be shocked to know the reason behind! Patriarchy exists everywhere. It’s all pervasive. This short film, produced for ActionAid India , takes you into the lives of three women, who bear the brunt of an unjust, unfair system. Each minute of the short will reveal to you a story that is evocative and poignant.”

Now we know you’re wondering what’s the real reason behind marrying the third wife, watch the short clip below to discover it for yourself.

Yup, some men from India indeed marry multiple wives so someone could fetch water for the entire family.

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Source: Facebook