Grab Passenger Wants To Cancel His Ride Booking After Seeing The Driver’s Name, Find Out Why.

At some point in our lives, each one of us have experienced discrimination. May it be through the color of our skin, the way we speak, the way we dress, our religious belief or any other factors and admit it, it’s not easy.

Dealing with discrimination is like having an infectious disease and everyone simply doesn’t want to get to know you or even get near you. It’s like being bullied for something that is totally natural, something that you didn’t ask for.

Sometimes, this kind of discrimination leads to depression of the person being discriminated because it already affects their everyday routine, emotion and life in general. Just like this story shared by Facebook user Yan Mercado concerning a Grab driver who he once feared mainly because of the driver’s name.

Yan said that when he first saw that the driver accepted his Grab booking, he initially thought about cancelling it upon seeing the driver’s name on the screen. But then he proceeds with the booking despite his fear of getting in trouble.

When the Grab driver came to pick him up he said he was really reluctant to ride the car, but he still pushed through and just sent the driver’s details to his friend just in case something bad happened to him.

During the trip he suspiciously smelled the air coming from the aircon thinking that it was sprayed by some fluid to make him faint, good thing, he didn’t smell anything doubtful. While on the trip, he tried to start a conversation with the driver to make them at ease with each other, a strategy Yan did so the driver would not also do anything harmful to him.

Then the driver suddenly stopped the car, Yan was shocked and still thinking he might be in trouble. But he found out that the driver was just attending to his Grab app because someone made a booking to share the ride with him, but the passenger initially cancelled it.

He then saw the driver got sad and frustrated. He assumed that maybe other passengers had the same thinking as he had initially, to cancel it out of fear because of the driver’s name.

The driver then opened up about the discrimination he is experiencing among passengers. He even got booked one time where he was about to pick up a passenger from a far location, but the passenger suddenly cancelled the booking while he’s on his way.

Yan then felt guilty about his action and discrimination against the driver’s name. He decided to share this experience to raise awareness among netizens and regular passengers not to judge a person based on his/her name even if it has been associated to some sort of violence.

He ended his post by saying: “SANA LAHAT tayo ay maunawaan na hindi ang pangalan, kasarian o relihiyon ang basehan ng pagiging mabuting tao kundi kung ano ang nasasa puso nito.”

Read his full story below:

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Source: Facebook

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