The Truth Behind The Story Of This Mother And Her Baby Who Were Allegedly Denied By A Hospital Reveals And You Wouldn’t Like It

Hospitals, whether public or privately owner are expected to extend help to those injured and sick people from all walks of life. But sadly, not all medical institutions are willing to help those in need; especially those they think could not afford the amount of health care.

Just like this very unfortunate experience of a mother who would just want to save her son’s life.

Facebook user Juvy Anne Javier shared the heartbreaking story of this mother whose identity has not been disclosed. She said that she met the lady during a jeepney ride, she noticed that the mother was in tears so she gathered her courage and asked the lady what happened.

Juvy said that the mother-and-son came from a well known hospital so she asked if they were turned down by the hospital. The lady said “hindi po,” but she revealed that they have been waiting in the establishment for a long time only to find out that their CT scan is not available.

Apparently, the lady’s son needs to undergo a CT scan because he had a head injury and doctors said that if he could not be brought at Batangas Regional as soon as possible, her son could die in a span of 12 hours.

The lady said she begged for the hospital assistance for an ambulance to take them in the place, but they refused to assist them. The frustrated mother also admitted that they do not have enough money.

Juvy said that she had no intentions to ruin the hospital’s reputation, she just want to raise awareness that all patients should be treated with respect and care.

Meanwhile, netizens shared mixed reaction on the said story. Other shared their own bad experience in the hospital while some suggests that Juvy could be a victim of a modus to which she responded very well.


On the other hand, Laguna Governor Ramil Hernandez confirmed that the poor lady’s story was just a modus to encourage people to sympathize and later on give her money. In his official Facebook page, Gov. Hernandez warned netizens to be vigilante in helping this woman.


Source: Trending News Portal

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