Guy Shares How To Break Up With A Cheating Girlfriend In The Most Epic Way

When you discovered that your partners is cheating on you, your first initial plan is to confront him/her ask if the infidelity is true even if you already know the answer. But one man made sure this cheating confrontation with his girlfriend will turned out to be something she will never forget.

This heartbroken man took a 16-minute long video elaborating his plan to take a revenge on his allegedly cheating girlfriend. In the video he uploaded on YouTube, he went on discussing his tricks to make her girlfriend believe that he was up to a proposal and a surprise trip of a lifetime to see the Northern Lights.

He started the video by explaining how he discovered his partner’s infidelity since October, he revealed he saw all the dirty text and sexy photos his girl sent to her lover but he remained quiet about it because he is up for this totally devilish plan.

To make his cheating partner fall for her plan, he arranged a romantic set up complete with glitters, candles, and flowers which will lead the girl in a fully decorated bedroom where she gets to read a message.

Guy Breaks Up With Cheating Girlfriend In Most Elaborate Way Possible loveheart

The message inside the envelop wrote his bluff intention to take her on a holiday, then she gets to read a poem on a heart shaped paper which is the ultimate confirmation that he knows all about her unfaithfulness.

When the moment of truth came, everything went as planned. His girlfriend was seen overjoyed and almost teary-eyed. But as she reads the revelation poem, the lady was seen laughing nervously.

Guy Breaks Up With Cheating Girlfriend In Most Elaborate Way Possible cheater

The shocked cheater didn’t have the chance to explain herself as the man turns around, shut the door and escaped from the house. He was then seen inside the car and said “party time” before holding up a handwritten sign saying “The End.”

Watch his hilarious revenge film below:

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