OFW Passenger Complains About Missing Money In Baggage But Airline Ignores Her!

No matter how kind we treat other people, there will always be some evil person that will do us wrong. But what makes this sadder is that sometimes our fellow Filipinos are the ones responsible for such evil act.

Just like what OFW Jho Cabagyo experienced, Jho took to social media to share her unfavorable experience at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Jho narrated they fly back home last August 6 to surprise her mother for her 60th birthday. They chose to fly with Philippine Airlines as it is way cheaper compared to the Singapore’s flag carrier, Singapore Airlines.

Everything went smoothly, from flight booking, boarding, and the flight itself. But not until they landed on their mother land and about to pick up their baggage.

Jho said that they’ve checked-in a total of 4 suitcase but only got 3, so they waited for another 10 minutes for the 4th one. When they finally saw it on the baggage belt and picked it up, they noticed that the padlock was gone. She immediately inspected her luggage’s content and found out that the thousands of money they put there was already gone.

So Jho and her companion proceed to the baggage assistance department but no one seems to care about her lost money, all they heard was the staffs are going to make a report about the incident.

Jho said that at first she never believed the news about robbery cases happening in the airport and she never expected that she will experience it firsthand.

Read her full story below:

She ended her post with a photo of another passenger who also lost some valuable items from her luggage.

Meanwhile, netizens expressed different reaction of Jho’s experience. Some sympathized with her while others also blamed her for putting money inside her check-in baggage despite the repeated warnings from airline authorities not to leave valuable items on it.

What can you say about Jho’s unfortunate experience? Share us your thoughts on the comments section.

Source: Trending News Portal

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