Why Are Wedding Rings Worn on the Fourth Finger of the Left Hand? FIND OUT HERE!

Wedding rings plays a vital role in every sacred matrimonial ceremony. The ring being circle in shape symbolizes infinity, meaning the couple blessed by this ceremony is bound to love and cherish each other eternally.

But have you ever wonder why this precious marriage symbol is placed on the left hand’s fourth finger also known as the ring finger? Well, there are some long-standing tradition explanations that will help us understand why.


During the ancient Roman and Greek times, there is a belief that there is a vein found in the left hand’s ring finger which is directly connected to the heart. The vein is called vena amoris” which means vein of love because of its hand-to-heart connection.

Most Western society adopted this practice mainly because of the strong influence of Roman and Greek cultures.

Aside from its Greek and Roman roots, ancient Chinese custom also suggest a different explanation as why wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger.

Based on Chinese explanation, each finger represents every person who plays a significant role in our lives. The thumb represents your parents, the index finger is for your siblings, the middle finger is yourself, the ring finger is your spouse and the little finger represents your children.


In order to understand Chinese explanation better, below is a video that demonstrates the role of each finger in our lives and why the ring is placed on the fourth finger.

Therefore, life partners or spouses just like our fourth finger should also be inseparable as husband and wives who are meant to stick with each other through thick and thin, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and health, ‘till death do you part.

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